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Update Your Shoulder Length Hair Style

Welcome to Fred Stepkin's weekly blog. I hope you enjoyed last weeks discussion Monday March 24th 2020: Create Movement & Lightness to Your One-Length-Hair Cut This Weeks Topic: Monday April 6th 2020: Update Your Shoulder Length Hair Style If you're wearing shoulder length hair you are in good company with many fashionistas. Are you feeling your best lately with your hairstyle? High-styling women who wear shoulder length hair are loving their styles, because of the way their hair is layered for more styling options. The right hair shaping helps to make the fashionista's locks more interesting and high fashioned. I would highly suggest that we tweak your shoulder length hairstyle with a new and modern to complement your new look. For instance, if you're wearing a classic blunt cut (meaning all of your hair lengths are terminated at one-length). Let's visit a moment with high-fashioned runway models and how their hairs are relevant with today's high-end clothing lines. To compliment today's high-end clothing the model's hair's-ends are free and flowing. This free-flowing movement could be accomplished by a highly skilled stylist using precise cutting techniques with ultra-sharp instruments.  Editors view: If you are contemplating a fresh and new change, I would be very pleased to share my vision with yours on an exciting new hair cut! Let's set up an appointment for day/time that works for you and please gather some pictures of hairstyles that you like very much for your consultation especially images with similar hairs texture to match yours. You may certainly ask me questions of your concerns, how to maintenance or likes and dislikes on the styles you've collected to show. I am verse with using texturing shears, razor-cuts and scissoring techniques! You're interviewing for the right hair stylist on how well they listen and their interest in pleasing you. I do have a portfolio I can show you of hair models that may offer more choices as well. I'm here to assist you with all hair questions. Hope you've received more insight about partaking in a hair consultation with our services, or good luck and have fun on your search.  Next Week's Topic: Monday April 13th 2020: A Short Feminine Hair Cut Ask about our 11% Discount TODAY with all hair cuts, when you call please ask for promo code: 15 Thank you for visiting!

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