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I hope you enjoyed last weeks Discussion Monday April 1st 2019: The Right Hairstyle Will Slim Down a Heavy Neckline!

This Weeks Topic: Monday April 8th 2019: A Cutting Edge Bi-Level Hair Cut

The New York, London and Milan Fashion Shows gave us enough pretty eye makeup looks to fill a Pineterest board. There've been some cute updos, like Prada's embellished side ponytails, but there haven't been any standout haircuts. Paris Fashion Week addressed that! Models at the Anne Sofie Madsen show wallet the runway with messy mullets. Yep the Mullet is making a comeback, whether you want it or not.

Models walked the runway with the classic short in the front, party in the back hairstyle. Their Mullets had a messy texture and choppy "I cut them myself bangs." This is the bedhead mullet. If you were not a fan of the messy I've never cut my hair "swag" you may not be a fan of the return of the mullet. It doesn't matter whether is has fashion credit or not. I think the New Mullet will become a fashion hit! It could be like the hair version of the much dismissed crop top! It could replace the much overdone undercut/overhang as the new edgy hairstyle. I hope some celebrity tries it out. Someone like pompadour loving Kelly Osbourne could totally pull it off. It would also be cool to see Kristen Stewart try one. (She came pretty close to that Joan Jett hair.) Kristen can make anything look awesome from a tennis dress to a fancy grandmas Chanel. If there is one person to make us want to try a mullet, it would be her. Until then, you may want to kick back and throw down the Sex Pistols "G-d Save the Queen" on vinyl.

Editor's View: Hey... this is a fun time to rock A New Bi-Level Hair Cut, this cut will zero in on your best facial features and a dream for all fashionista's! If you love edgy styles this is the Cut if you're into longish short haircuts. Wax for Grunge, or tease a splash of Pomade for A Pattern Leather Finish.

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