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I Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday November 19th 2018: Short Sexy

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This Weeks Topic: Monday November 26th 2018: A Brand New Cut & Style

Do you think that this January's forecasts will deliver tumultuous weather? Most likely if you've ever lived and experienced the weather conditions in New York. One solution would be to counter deep winter... a new hair style will lift your spirits in this new season. Updating to a newer style is an excellent way to refresh our new approach by reshaping our hair which frames our faces! Because our facial features are always looked upon with impressions. Even if the onlooker has never had the pleasure in meeting you, the energy your features throw off are essential, whether it's for business, personal or casual greetings. You may have recalled in the past when you have changed your hair style the compliments from your family/friends, new onlookers made you feel more attractive physically and chemistry too!

Dial your hair stylist and ask her or him for a consultation, listen to their styling ideas and feel their energy too! Make sure that they consider your unique features and how they would play them up to capture your smile, eyes, cheekbones and your personality traits.

Editor's Note: New moment and a new attitude with a fresh new haircut that will compliment your facial features, lifestyle and your overall appearance either for women & men. It will not only be exciting for you, your family/friends/colleagues will love your cutting edge style!

Next week's topic Monday December 3rd 2018: Long Layered Pixie Cut

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