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A One Length Razor Cut

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I Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday June 26th 2017 A Beautiful One-Length Shoulder Cut

This Weeks Subject: Monday July 3rd 2017: A One Length Razor Cut

One length or classic blunt cuts when they're cut right will have a clean chic line a la (Anna Wintour.) Now on this classic we can change it up a bit and, off the beaten path. We're going to texture the ends of the hairs of the perimeter line. By utilizing the points of scissors or textured with the tip of the razor. This cutting approach will enhance a fresh approach in freeing up the ends of the hairs. The benefits of this new technique will complement everyones facial features that will pronounce your cheekbones and your eyes!

Some of the wonderful benefits wearing a one length razored cut is the feel the wearer will see and feel the space between layers with this youthful look! The comfortability level will be awesome through the warmer months!

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