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A Curly Shag

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Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday July 25th 2016: The Best Haircuts for Long Wavy Hair

This Weeks Topic: Monday August 1st 2016: A Curly Shag

This cut is about controlled chaos, it's best for women with a curly texture, like Rihanna. "People often think using the razor is a total no-no with curly hair. "But when you want to achieve separation and edge to your layering, shaggy look like this--which is fuller towards the roots and wispier at the ends--a razor is the best strategy." To avoid letting this style get frizzy, skip this look if you fall into the overly coarse or unruly hair-texture category. Use a serum or pomade like Aveda Products when your hair is damp, let it dry naturally and don't touch it again during this stage!

Stay tuned to next week's topic Monday August 8th 2016: Fun Tips Styling Your Pixie Cut

Editor's View: Many hair stylists will not recommend using a razor on wavy - curly hair, the upside in using a very sharp razor "respectfully and properly" by a highly trained stylists will result in a cut that shows that sexy and jagged line that all fashionistas crave. CALL for a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY & ask about our 11% Discount with all hair cuts, mention our promo code: 15

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