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Ideal Ways to Air-Dry Your Hair (For Every Hair Type)

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Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday July 11th 2016: Part 2 The Right Haircut for a Heart-Shaped Face

This Weeks Topic: Monday July 18th 2016: Ideal Ways to Air-Dry Your Hair (For Every Hair Type)

Ashley Olsen's Volume Waves: Ashley's will finish her straight hair in waves and have her hair dry while sleeping. Her hair is easily prepared raking a palmful of hydrating mousse through her damp hair. To add lots of volume, her hair is formed into "a big, loose braid for nice, even waves." While it was drying, the style was twisted and clipped the braid into a bun a few inches below the crown to lift the hair up and to give it more body.

Editor's View: To create more body with your hair can be fun and stylish. You will certainly save time while sleeping.

Stay tuned to next week's topic Monday July 25th 2016: The Best Haircuts for Long Hair

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