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The Right Haircut for a Heart-Shaped Face

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Hope you enjoyed last weeks topic: Monday June 27th 2016: Part 2 The Importance in Selecting the Right Hairstylist

This Weeks Topic: Monday July 4th 2016: The Right Haircut for a Heart-Shaped Face

One of the best ways to compliment a heart shaped face would be to wear bangs that are detailed softly, and will sweep to either side of your face. This shaping will divert attention away from a large chin, high forehead, etc. "There's a sexiness to wearing fringe that every woman throughout America wants." You can ask your stylist to leave your bangs longer especially if they're wavy - curly and cut them down to app. the tip of your nose. Then then he/she can dilute weight by taking pivoting sections and to use either texturing shears or razor to remove access weight. That will help the hair to sit closer to your forehead for that flirtatious appeal!

The right haircut will enhance your best features and if you're a working out, will compliment your body/figure too!

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