Located in NYC, Cutting Edge Fred is a premier hair stylist dedicated to providing personalized and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. Fred Stepkin is an expert stylist who listens to your needs. He began his career in 1979 with Jean Louis David International and became one of the few stylists chosen to help open a second salon in Beverly Hills, CA. After traveling across the country training hairdressers in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Florida, and even Canada, Fred returned to NYC, where he continued his success in teaching creative haircutting, while maintaining his own loyal clientele at the Plaza Hotel. 


Fred continues to attend industry workshops and style sessions to be ahead of the trend. His knowledge and experience of cutting hair intuitively has given him the understanding of depth and balance with a person’s features. He truly has a gift when it comes to cutting, texturing and shaping hair, resulting in a cutting edge hairstyle that works with your look and daily routine.


Aside from the field of hair, Fred is also a certified personal fitness trainer with the American Council of Exercise. With over 20 years of experience, he specializes in reducing daily stress, strengthening that will support the entire body, and building lean muscle by lifting weights with correct form in an efficient manner. While growing up with a love for basketball, Fred injured his left knee three separate times playing his favorite sport. Eventually, his knee required surgery to repair his ACL and damage to "cartilage" in which his condition developed into osteoarthritis. During rehabilitation, he was prescribed leg exercises that made his knee feel completely different prior to the injuries. Fred decided to attend school to learn how to regain a more stable knee. He soon received his ACE certification and learned how to strengthen not only his legs, but his entire body in a safe and effective manner. He began to see and feel the benefits he’s been looking for, and as a result, his confidence levels skyrocketed as he took on clients and helped them achieve much improved fitness levels.


Style and Fitness is the brainchild of Fred Stepkin. It is a unique fitness program that involves three weekly efficient workouts. For a strength and conditioning program, which is complimented with a simple nutritional plan, Fred can show you an easy way to support and enhance your lifestyle. In his occupation as a hair stylist and cutting hair for many hours within a day, the benefits he’s received from his exercise workouts are paramount. 


Don’t miss out on this special opportunity. Whether it be a new and fresh hairstyle or a healthy lifestyle, call for your free consultation today. When it comes to hair, Fred will help you find the hair design that will compliment your best features. And when it comes to exercise, he will make you look and feel better than ever. 






Tel: (212) 757 1119

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Tel. 212 757 1119

Email : fredstepkin@gmail.com
300 W 55th St. New York, New York 10019



Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

Saturday - Sunday  11 am - 2 pm