Manhattan's High Fashion & Funky Hair Cut Designs located in Hell's Kitchen 10019, 10036, 10023, 10025. Scissor Cutting & Razoring Edgy Shapes for Women & Men, specializing in Texturing and Precision Cutting for greater ease in styling. Fun Styles for kids. We are the best hair salons in NYC and Hairstylist in New York, NY since 1979 Call for your FREE consultation today!


At Fred Stepkin, we are having grounding experience of more than 5 decades in the hair cutting and styling industry. Pertaining to our deep experience, we have attained competence in these industries and hence are accolade as being the top hair salons near me in New York City.  

We adhere to professional and experienced stylists who possess a thorough knowledge of all modern and classic haircuts and styles. Our stalwart team spruced up ambiance offering low-key luxurious and calming atmosphere is our crowning glory which helps us in retaining our position as best hair salons near me.


Hair Styling and hair cutting dominate our salons, we offer chic and favorable chops to hair-obsessed people. Offering sleek, chic and quality hair cutting and styling services all around the city, we are treated as the best hair salons in NYC by our regular clients and all the new joiners. Our professionals are competent enough to analysis your facial features to chop your hair in a complementing way while keeping your lifestyle in mind. From ultra-modern to classical, we can bring it all to ultimate perfection and this is what helps us to stand out of our counterparts.

When it comes to haircutting, we switch to the most reasonable and advanced haircutting techniques, i.e., wet haircuts, dry haircuts, etc., which depends majorly upon the texture of the hair. We invite our customers for consultation prior to booking appointments to ensure end-to-end satisfactory services in order to retain our reputation as top rated hair salons near me.



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300 W 55th St. New York, New York 10019



Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

Saturday - Sunday  11 am - 2 pm